A Rash Decision…

Wild animals are called wild for a reason – approach them at your peril. Alas, Jim thought he knew better.

Jim initially at a safe distance.

The Bear Facts

While wandering in the woods one day,

Young Jim observed a bear at play.          

Against a tree it scratched its back,

And looked too sleepy to attack –

Although a sign made danger clear:


But reckless Jim did not think twice,

And heedless of that good advice,

Set out towards the grizzly bear,

Regardless of the danger there.

The details of what next befell

Are far too grim for me to tell,                 

But yes, the bear enjoyed a snack –

And foolish Jim did not come back.

Cautionary Advice to Children on Giving Smart Replies in Class

When I was a young witchling, schoolrooms were strict places. Teachers demanded respect from their pupils, and if this was not clearly forthcoming, their punishments could be a little on the harsh side. Although teachers are less likely to feed offenders to dragons these days, it is still wise for children to think twice before giving unorthodox answers in class, as these may be taken the wrong way. The following poem should be memorised by all school children.

On Giving Smart Replies

Some teachers like to criticise

The child who offers smart replies,

And though your words weren’t meanly meant

Will calculate there’s bad intent.

And if your comment was a jest,

Will claim that no one was impressed.

Or worse, may take it as a cue

To show who’s boss and punish you.

So when in class you feel inclined

To answer with a cheeky line

Remember, and best make it quick,

That no one likes a clever dick.

Remembering some former teachers…