Spirits of the Cause

The Spooks United Nations held a summit to debate

The consequence of climate change on spirits small and great.  

The ghosts and spectres stated that the warming climes were daunting;

They needed icy winds and snow to activate their haunting. 

And vampires said the sunshine would make coffins so much warmer,

They’d think they’d gone to Sweden and were lying in a sauna.

The witches warned how broomsticks would grow dearer by the day,

As wood became much scarcer, when fires burnt the trees away.

And all the fairy creatures, from the spriggan to the piskie,

Said rising seas would make their coastal hideouts very risky.

Then spoke an ancient zombie: “It seems crystal clear to me,

All earthly living creatures face a huge catastrophe.

What causes us small niggles, brings to them a last goodbye –

They cannot live on air alone no matter how they try.”

The delegates concluded – (opposition there was none)

The world would be a boring place with all the humans gone,

For no one would be left to scare, no human left to fright,

So all the spirits fast agreed to join the climate fight!

    This poem follows on from yesterday’s article on why otherworldly creatures support the campaign to halt global warming.

Do the Fae Support the Campaign Against Climate Change?

Many people assume that creatures of the other world have no interest in climate change. After all, the faery world’s main raison d’etre is to cause humans trouble, isn’t it? It’s not quite that simple.

Water spirits, such as grindylows, kelpies and llamhigen y dwr (water leapers) might initially see an increase in water to their advantage, but the decrease in their human and animal prey would cancel that out.

Earth spirits, from apparitions such as the dullahan and Herne the hunter, to creatures such as the gwyllion and the spriggan, all require rolling mists, ice, snow, and biting storms to provide the backdrop for haunting and stalking humans.

Let’s be clear, the other world needs humans, and humans need this planet, ergo, non mortals are solidly (well, as solidly as ether allows) behind the campaign against climate change.

So, what are we fae doing to support the campaign to stop global warming? Well, we’re recycling and cutting down on single use plastic. For myself, I no longer buy cosmetics in plastic bottles but use ingredients from nature, such as cast off beetle casings, cobwebs, belladonna, deadly nightshade etc and make my own potions – although please note, mortals wishing to follow my example should substitute with gentler ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, honey, calendula and so on.

I have also penned a poem to encourage a more thoughtful approach to consumption. But that’s for next time…

Many wild flowers and herbs are used by the fae in their beauty routines.