PARENTS: A Final Thought.

So, what more can be said about parents? As we’ve seen, all types have their drawbacks, but on the whole they do their best, and remember, one day you might be a parent yourself, so cut them a little slack.


Be thankful for your parents.

Don’t dis your mum and dad –

For though they might not be the kind

You feel you should have had,

They do their best to raise you,

They catch you when you fall,

And out of all the human race

They love you best of all.

Be grateful to your parents,

Because the things they do

Are seldom for the good of them,

But for the good of you.

And though they’re far from perfect –

(They shout and give you chores )

Believe me, they’re the perfect fit,

And that’s because they’re yours.

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