Weird Words: Street Slang

The parlance of young people these days may just as well be a foreign language as far as adults are concerned. Or maybe not. Here’s a quick translation quiz for you.

So, I was Hundo P my bae was chirpsing with the bossman. So I threw a shade and told her he weren’t boujee. Turns out she was wavey so I curved her. There’s other choong gyaldem out there ready to link with a dench rudeboi.


Hundo P: certain – 100%

Bae: romantic partner

Chirpsing: flirting

Bossman: shop owner or assistant

Throw a shade: give a dirty look

Boujee: rich or acting wealthy

Wavey: high

Curve: to reject someone romantically

Choong: attractive

Gyaldem: girls

Link: meet up with

Dench: good/attractive

Rudeboi: originally Jamaican youth into ska music, now associated with gangsta rap

So, how did you do? Excellent! Time to start peppering your chat at the coffee machine with them – although by the time you do, they’ve probably changed all over again, innit?

What are some of your favourite urban words or phrases? Be good to hear from you in comments.

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