So, You want to be a Politician? Part 2

It’s fascinating to discover how young people view a career in politics, and this was never truer than when I gave some overseas students the essay title : Why do people become politicians? The essay below, by a Chinese student, was revealing in its rather quirky view of the pros and cons. (n.b. the essay is given in its uncorrected form.)

There are various reasons why people become politicians. The most obvious reason is in order to make money. Whether you are rich or poor. There is always a chance that you will. And many people make money from become politicians is the best legal way they could ever make a lot money.

Another reason is bring powerful into their lives. Buying a expensive car, for example, you can change some rules what you do not like.

For most people become politician just a way of having a good time. For example, making the country better can be enjoyable way of spending an evening.

But people become politicians a lot do it for the same reason that people become star. It gives them some kind of high. The problem is, of course, there is real danger of it ruining your life.

I imagine Theresa May wishes she’d read this advice prior to deciding on a political career. But what do you think? Why do people become politicians? I’d be intrigued to hear your views.

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