Weirdly Useful Regency Words and Phrases for Describing How You Probably Feel About Brexit.

(For a lark, see how much of the following passage you can decipher before looking up the translations)

You could be forgiven this morning for feeling done to a cow’s thumb. The government is certainly in the suds over Brexit, and parliament keeps throwing a rub. It isn’t that we’ve been brought to Point Non Point: there are many options, but each one is derided as fustian nonsense by opposing gnashnabs. What with foozlers, cockalorums, hornswogglers and snollygosters, it’s hard not to be jargogled. Perhaps the only solution is to get bosky and forget, because if you haven’t got the morbs already, it’s only a matter of time.


Done to a cow’s thumb – fed up

In the suds – in trouble

Throwing a rub – spoiling plans

Point Non Point – a situation with no options

Fustian nonsense – rubbish

Gnashgabs – complainers

Foozler- a bungler

Cockalorum – a small man with big ego

Hornswoggler – a cheat

Snollygoster – someone with intelligence but no principles

Jargogled – confused

Bosky – drunk

Get the morbs – feel depressed

P.S. A fun game for all the family is to decide which MP best suits the adjectives given above, but if your family is as divided on Brexit as Parliament is, please make sure you have a first aid kit to hand…

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