Spirits of the Cause

The Spooks United Nations held a summit to debate

The consequence of climate change on spirits small and great.  

The ghosts and spectres stated that the warming climes were daunting;

They needed icy winds and snow to activate their haunting. 

And vampires said the sunshine would make coffins so much warmer,

They’d think they’d gone to Sweden and were lying in a sauna.

The witches warned how broomsticks would grow dearer by the day,

As wood became much scarcer, when fires burnt the trees away.

And all the fairy creatures, from the spriggan to the piskie,

Said rising seas would make their coastal hideouts very risky.

Then spoke an ancient zombie: “It seems crystal clear to me,

All earthly living creatures face a huge catastrophe.

What causes us small niggles, brings to them a last goodbye –

They cannot live on air alone no matter how they try.”

The delegates concluded – (opposition there was none)

The world would be a boring place with all the humans gone,

For no one would be left to scare, no human left to fright,

So all the spirits fast agreed to join the climate fight!

    This poem follows on from yesterday’s article on why otherworldly creatures support the campaign to halt global warming.

2 thoughts on “Spirits of the Cause

  1. David Whitehead March 27, 2019 / 10:55 am

    Absolutely brilliant!


    • Aunt Grizelda March 28, 2019 / 10:21 am

      Glad you enjoyed it David and thanks for commenting! You’ll never believe it, but I heard the spriggans want to leave the Spooks United Nations. You wouldn’t get anything like that in the mortal world I bet.


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