A farewell to quills…

Given the ever rising cost of parchment, particularly vellum (exorbitant!) I have flung away my quill and am now embracing the keyboard and internet with fervour. The result of this capitulation to modernity is The Woebegone Words of Aunt Grizelda blog, which struggled into being amidst much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. But now, here it is in all its digital splendour. What is more, no electronic components were harmed in its creation, (although it was a damned close run thing, to quote my friend the Duke of Wellington.)

As mentioned in the Home Page, I’ll be covering a wide range of topics, but as poetry is the art form for which I am best known, here, from Aunt Grizelda’s Treasury of Grim and Grisly Rhymes is a soupcon of the delights to come.

  (Not so) Smart phone

  Harry got a smart phone, 
For hours he’d text and natter,
He didn’t pay attention
To the things that really matter -
Like playing football with his dad,
Or rugby with his friends,
Or seeing where the traffic starts
And where the pavement ends….

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